Doubles Curling is back for 2023/24!

Last Updated By Kevan Stranges

The Open Doubles League is returning to Fort William Curling Club for the 2023/24 season. The league will run on Monday’s and is an open format league, allowing any combination of male/female players.

Doubles is a fast-paced variation of Curling that involves lots of rocks in play! Curlers no longer need to get up and sweep their own rock after throwing (although they can if they are so inclined and coordinated). The partner can sweep the rock after it is thrown; they are not required to hold the broom in the house. The game is fun to play! The league will follow the Curling Canada mixed doubles rules.

Games are 6 ends or 1 hour & 15 minutes in length. There is a strong focus on draw weight and rock positioning as well as communication with your partner.

Games will be played on Monday with various start times depending on the teams signing up. This league accepts anyone from beginner to competitive.

Each team will be permitted one “power play” per game.

Register online today! You can also visit our Registration Section for more information.