Open League & Stick Draw Schedules

Results and Standings are below:

Open League:

Playoff Results 2023:

Monday – A Winner: Doug Chorkawy | B Winner: Ken Yanishewski

A Bracket Results | B Bracket Results | Final Standings

Tuesday – A Winner: Trevor Bonot | B Winner: Sam Morris

A Bracket Results |  B Bracket Results | Final Standings

Thursday – A Winner: Len Hunt | B Winner: Ken Skinner | C Winner: Doug Chorkawy 

A Bracket Results |  B Bracket ResultsC Bracket ResultsFinal Standings

Congratulations to the winners!  Thank you everyone for a great season.  Enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you all next fall.

Well, that ends the stick curling season. I want to thank you all for choosing the FWCC stick curling league and I hope to see you all next season.

Have a wonderful summer.

Stick Chairperson:
Chris Schiiler 807-251-2412

5 Rock Rule

The FWCC has now adopted the 5 rock rule in open play. Unless specified otherwise by a particular league or event, we have now adopted the 5 Rock Rule. For example, Doubles and Stick Leagues have their own guard zone rules and are not affected by the change.

With that in mind, if both teams agree to using the previous 4 Rock Rule prior to their match, they are more than welcome too.