2021-22 Open League & Stick Curling Results

Open Playoffs Final Results
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Tuesday: A-Side Bracket | B-Side Bracket
Thursday: A-Side Bracket | B-Side Bracket | C-Side Bracket

Open Final Standings
Monday | Tuesday | Thursday

Stick Playoffs
Bracket Results
Round Robin Standings | Pool Standings & Playoff Placement

If you have any draw related questions, please contact the individual listed on the corresponding draw sheet.

5 Rock Rule

The FWCC has now adopted the 5 rock rule in open play. Unless specified otherwise by a particular league or event, we have now adopted the 5 Rock Rule. For example, Doubles and Stick Leagues have their own guard zone rules and are not affected by the change.

With that in mind, if both teams agree to using the previous 4 Rock Rule prior to their match, they are more than welcome too.