Mixed Draw Schedules

Mixed League:


Here is an update on how registration is going and where the teams have been placed into the draws and times.

Teams as of Sep 20th 2023

Here are the Dates for the 2023/2024 season.

Dates for 2023 24

Any Questions at all call Chris at: 807-251-2412

E Mail: chris_schiiler@shaw.ca


Playoffs Results 2023

Winners of the A event for a second time!

Congrats to the TESSIER rink.

It was an intense game in the C Final,

it came down to a draw to the button.

In the 2023 Mixed curling year.

Tessier Rink gets an 8 Ender. “Congratulations”

Chris McCallum rink went undefeated in the yellow week. “Congratulations”

I hope you all have a great Summer and hope to see you all next year.

Thanks for curling with the FWCC mixed curling league.

Mixed Chairperson:
Chris Schiiler 807-251-2412

5 Rock Rule

The FWCC has now adopted the 5 rock rule in open play. Unless specified otherwise by a particular league or event, we have now adopted the 5 Rock Rule. For example, Doubles and Stick Leagues have their own guard zone rules and are not affected by the change.

With that in mind, if both teams agree to using the previous 4 Rock Rule prior to their match, they are more than welcome too.