Curlers Looking for a Team

Are you looking to curl but don’t have a team? This page can be used by teams to find players when they are short.

If you would like to leave your contact information on this page, please send us an email.
Note: When sending us an email, please add a very brief note about your experience or any preferences you have. Additionally, provide how you would like to be contacted (via email and/or phone). By sending us your information, you agree to allow us to post it on our site.

The following individuals have expressed interest, feel free to reach out to them directly if you are looking for players.

  1. Peter Mihalcin
    Looking to play on Tue/Thu. Will play any position and has many years of experience.
    Contact via email @
  2. Scott Drinkwalter
    Looking to play as a third or a skip.
    Contact via email @
  3. Travis Belchior
    Has 25 years of experience at various positions. Looking for a fairly competitive team.
    Contact via email @
  4. Mike Henry
    Looking to curl open or stick with experienced curlers. Has 15 years experience.
    Contact via email @ or 620-5303.