World Series Bonspiel

A huge thank you to the World Series Bonspiel Committee, consisting of Tricia Sampson, Marcy Barry, Nicki Armstrong, Tanya Forneri and Shaun Indian. The FWCC would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors that helped make this event so successful! See you next year!

World Series Results
Dog Lake Resort A Side Champions
Wakefield Oil – Dylan Johnston, Brennan “The Nightmare” Wark, Chris Briand, Kurtis Byrd

Eppic Ale B Side Champions
Ben Grant, Steve Fontaine, Mark Kozyra, Dave Fontaine

Radical Road Brewing Co. C Side Champions
Tracey Larocque, Samantha Morris, Corie Adamson, Rebecca Carr

Eppic Ale Amber D Side Champions
Tough Deuce – Kevan Stranges, Peter Tillberg, Nikki Pajunen, Jordan Bonham

Congratulations to our winners! Check out our Facebook page for more information including photographs!

World Series Bonspiel Results

Congratulations to our winners! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year Oct 23-25th, 2020!

A-Side (Dog Lake Resort): Team Rosengren
(Dave Scholz, Ken Sundell, Gary Maunula, Ron Rosengren)

B-Side (Eppic Ale): Team Sutton
(Jason Sebesta, Rick Sutton, Mike Woznesensky, Dave Sutton)

C-Side (Radical Road Brewery): Tough Deuce
(Jordan Bonham, Richard Garrett, Peter Tillberg, Kevan Stranges)

D-Side (Habitat for Humanity Restore): Team Baker
(Lorne Coombs, Ted Baker, Ted Vescio, Ron Hrychuk)