Saturday Wreck League

Last Updated By Kevan Stranges

Get your friends, coworkers and family to put a team in our Wreck-reational League. This is the second year for this league which boasted a 16 team inaugural season. This league is for those looking to have fun while curling. New to the game – it doesn’t matter – instruction will be provided the first 2 weeks to make sure you are ready to be a curler! This league is to let loose and have a social time while curling on Saturday.

The league is for you if you are curling for the first time or want to try a different position from your regular league. Having fun is a priority.

Cost is $781 per team (includes tax but not does include NOCA fees of 19$ per person) – so get a minimum of 4 people to curl and a maximum of however many you want to join the team, but only 4 can be on the ice each week. Music plays while Curling!

Gather your team and signup! If you are a current member of any league along with a graduate of the Adult Learn to Curl – this league is extremely discounted! This league provides snacks and a free drink each night included in the fees. Saturday night is the night to be at the Fort William Curling Club – events will include Karaoke, Trivia, Music Bingo and games with prizes.

This year the league will be the whole season, please refer to calendar for the dates. Scores will be tracked, and teams will be placed in squads to match skill and fun levels!

Visit our registration section to register today!